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Carol's Trunk Show BBB Accredited

Who is Carol's Trunk Show?  


My name is Sametra Moore the owner of Carol's Trunk Show, a multi-talented Event Planner, Digital Creator and Nano Influencer.

As a traveling event planner established in 2016, I host community craft shows in different cities, showcasing local vendors and corporate businesses.


I also organize community craft parties, food/clothing drives to assist those in need.

Besides, I'm a digital creator and nano influencer who produces self-made content. I'm currently looking for brands that are interested in a paid partnership for online social media advertising. Additionally, I hold an associate degree in computer networking with a final GPA of 3.36.


"Carol" is my mother's name who I named my business afterwards.

Why did I start this business?  

As a former vendor where I started in Cincinnati and continued in Alabama for a total of 5 years, selling Men's & Ladies Sleepwear, Swimsuits, and hosting home parties, I met countless entrepreneurs over the years who has express the concerns of running a business with low overhead expenses. 

Many start-ups are run via home-based business, so I wanted to take my experience as a former vendor and host shows where this will allow business owners to showcase their business in a show setting.

Brick and mortar business owners, this is a great way to expand your customer base, especially if you are operating a store front outside of the city where the shows are taken place.

My mission is to continue hosting shows for entrepreneurs, so they can get the much-needed exposure as a small business and creating networking opportunities. 

Thank you for being a part of our shows. Head over to the past show link, and review pictures from our previous events.

Questions call: 205-478-9498

Community Work

I started in 2011 as my mission to go out and feed the homeless.

I have a permit where I go throughout local parks and feed the homeless pre-packaged snacks, and bottled waters. I also host clothing drives for the homeless. 

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