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Cincinnati, Ohio 2023 

Craft Show - Vendor Events

Venue: Clifton Recreation Center

320 McAlpin Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio

Event Time: 12pm-4pm

Indoor event

 1. Vendor fee for the monthly show is $60.00. If you attend more than one event back-to-back, there's a $10.00  discount off the vendor fee.

Space size 10x10

Electricity is limited for indoor events, and we can't guarantee you will be placed near an outlet.


2. We accept Afterpay


3. Vendor set up time is 1 hr prior to event start time for each event.


4. Vendors must immediately break down their space and be done packing 1 hour after the event.  


( Failure to leave by end time could result in vendor being charge a fee ) Hall rentals are reserve for the required time, and we are charged for additional hours. 






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Nov 4th, 2023.png
Dec 16th, 2023.png

Event Reminders:

1. We can't guarantee or predict how many people will attend the craft show events.

2. We use all online methods in marketing and run paid advertisement.

3. We can't guarantee vendors will make sales.

We provide a reserved venue for you to sell your products or services.

We are a traveling Craft Show, hosting events in various Cities.

We ask that all participants who attend the shows help spread the word.

Small businesses have the hardest time gaining exposure, so with the help of the vendors spreading the word, this will help increase awareness of the shows.

The event is not responsible if your expectations is not met with what (We can't guarantee). 

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