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Frequently asked questions & answers

Q. I set up at multiple shows all the time and no one has ever asked me for a license, why is a license required?

A. All vendors who is selling a product that will exchange money with a customer, you will be required to obtain a city license. Every city requires vendors to obtain a current city license if they are selling within their limits.

( ** Inside Birmingham City Limits, you can exhibit under the event organizer license, this applies to non-food vendors ) 

Q. I'm a vendor who want to market my business, and I will not be exchanging money at the show, is a license still required?

A. No license is required if you are just promoting/marketing your business, and no exchange of money is being made.

Q. How do I get information on what type of license I need to run my business?

A. Call your local city where you plan to sell your merchandise and obtain the necessary information needed.

Q. What happens when I set up at local events without a business license?

A. If the county comes around to check vendors for their license, and they are selling without a permit, they will get a ticket, and fines are determined by each city.

Q. I have been selling merchandise for years on the street, and no one has ever asked for a license, is this something new?

A. You are required to have a Peddler license or a Transient Vendor License if you are a traveling vendor who go from house to house, or on the street selling merchandise. Call your local city for information.

Q. What is the attendance like at the event, how many people will come?

A. Per our vendor rule #16 -  ( 16. Vendors we will promote the show with different advertising methods, we can’t guarantee attendance. We ask that you help promote your business, by sharing the event on your social media pages. )

Word of mouth helps: If 10 people told 10 people about the event, that's 100 people coming to the event at least. ( We can't make people come, we can only advertise and hope that the community show up and support small businesses. )

**** Vendors check the County Revenue Department where you plan to set up and sell/market your business, for sales tax information, you will be required to pay sales tax on items sold. *****

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