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Join us for a Paint & Sip Event

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

All canvases are pre-sketched, so this allows time for preparation.

2023 Upcoming Paint Events - Save the dates


Event Times 2pm-4pm


Cost: $25 per person, includes first drink ( Drink limit applies ) pre-sketched canvas, and all paint supplies.


1. July 1st - Red, White & Brew - Venue: Cahaba Brewing Co. 


2. July 15th - Life's a Beach - Oak Mountain Brewing Co.


3. August 26th - College GameDay - Oak Mountain Brewing Co.


4. Sept 2nd - College Football - Cahaba Brewing Co.


5. Sept 16th - Oktoberfest - Oak Mountain Brewing Co.


6. December 9th - Christmas - Cahaba Brewing Co.

Terms & Conditions

  • Attending our events, you hereby release Carol's Trunk Show from all liability caused by taking photos, if you wish to have a photo cropped out, please send us a written statement to have photo removed.

  • Attending our paint and sip events, you agree not to hold Carol's Trunk Show liable for alcoholic beverages, you consume over the legal limit.

  • Must be 21 to drink.

  • Children can attend with their parents as long as the parents are present during the event. 

  • Kids attending the event will pay the same price as the adult ticket. 

  • Carol's Trunk Show will not be held liable for alcoholic beverages, food, or illegal substances you consume traveling to our event, during the event, or leaving our events that result in you becoming sick, or that will cause injury or death.

We want you to have a fun experience, so drink responsibly.

Scroll down to see previous events. 

Chucks and Pearls Paint Party with Family and Friends in the Park

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Pelham Recreation Center - Pavillion

Football Theme Paint & Sip Labor Day Weekend 9-4-2021

Hosted by: Carol's Trunk Show

Live, Love, Dance Paint & Sip 

Saturday, June 18th, 2022

Hosted by: Carol's Trunk Show

Red, White, Brew Paint & Sip

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Hosted by: Carol's Trunk Show

Venue: Birmingham District Brewing Company

80's Vibe Paint & Sip

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Host: Carol's Trunk Show

Venue: Birmingham District Brewing Company

Game Day Paint & Sip

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Venue: Oak Mountain Brewing Company

Host: Carol's Trunk Show


Join us for a Paint Party

We like to have some fun, so come on out, bring a friend, and join us for a Paint & Sip Event.  

Are you a business owner? If so bring your business cards, let's exchange information and stay in touch!

R.S.V.P is required!


1. Email us your name, and we can send you an invoice to pay & reserve your seat.

Follow us on social media for the next Paint Party event date!

Carol's Trunk Show will periodically host Networking Paint & Sip events. The event is for fun, no prior experience required, just a couple hours to Chat, Laugh and Be Inspired.

If you a business owner, we would like to extend the offer and allow this as a networking opportunity. We do not guarantee that you will gain more clients in our social, this is a place, where you could bring your business card if you attend the event, and network.

Paint parties will have a per person charge to come, and it will include a Canvas/ Crafts to paint, all supplies needed, and your first drink.

Pictures posted from our paint party are posted for marketing/promotional purpose only, to increase awareness of the event. Pictures are taken in a public space, and it's hard to exclude individuals when taking crowd photos.

No refunds

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