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Vendor Rules


Rules and Regulations


1. No smoking inside the buildings.


2. No counterfeit merchandise allowed to be sold; any vendor selling counterfeit merchandise will be excused from Carol’s Trunk Show without refund.


3. Children must remain with their parents and kept under control.


Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times – No exceptions. Vendors must be 21 years of age to exhibit.


4. Each vendor is required to clean their space at the end of the show. All boxes & merchandise must be removed.


5. Pets only allowed if the facility is pet friendly.


6. No subleasing – all rental rights are leased to vendors with a signed application and paid booth/space fee. You may not transfer from one vendor to another. Management reserves the right to cancel reservations if this rule is not complied with.


7. Merchandise is to be displayed so it will not cause a safety hazard.


8. No decorations are provided by Carol’s Trunk Show, each vendor will be responsible for their own table displays.


9. Carol’s Trunk Show does not guarantee that you will make sales during the show.


10. All vendors must occupy their space by the start of each show, unless management has been notified otherwise. Spaces not occupied by start of each show will be re-rented by management without notice or refund to the vendor. Call if you will be late.


11. All vendors are responsible for paying their local sales & State taxes.


12. Business conduct is required, no rudeness, profanity, loud noise which will disturb or offend your fellow vendor.


13. Management reserves the right to prohibit certain items for sale during the show such as, Firearms, Ammo, Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs, Offensive material, and other items which management feels that it’s not fit for the show.


14. Electricity is limited please let management know if you need electric in your space.  No electricity is provided for outdoor events. 


15. Carol’s Trunk Show is not responsible for any injuries sustained by vendors or employees of vendors. Vendors can obtain adequate property, liability, and workmen’s compensation insurance through the insurance company of their choice. Vendors agree not to hold Carol's Trunk Show

responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of the use for a vendor space.


16. Vendors we will promote the show with different advertising methods, we can’t guarantee attendance. We ask that you help promote your business, by sharing the event on your social media pages.


17. Due to the recent pandemic of Covid-19, we ask that if you participate in our show, and face coverings/mask are required to wear during the show you must follow this rule. 


All vendors please bring your own hand sanitizer for your space.


18. If you are sick, please do not come to the show, please call management if you have a replacement vendor. Carol’s Trunk Show will not be held liable for any illness you incur awhile attending our public events.


19. No refunds on vendor spaces, due to business expenses incurred organizing the event, venue fees, licenses, promotions, overhead, etc. 


Vendor refunds are allowed only if show is canceled.

Change of venue or date: We reserve the right to change venue location or move the event date. No refunds allowed. We will apply your fees to the next date. If you can't attend the new date, please contact management for a substitute. 


20. We reserve the right to postpone the event due to unexpected emergencies. Postponed shows no refunds on vendor spaces.





1. Event will be held rain or shine. If bad weather is predicted, the event may be postponed at a later date, and you will receive a credit for the next date.


2. Vendors must bring their own tent, tables, chairs and can only use the space you are assigned. Tents must be solid color, check with management if you have a specialty tent for approval.


3. Vendors must supply their space with supplies for your tent such as covers, tarp, tie downs, or weights to secure your tent in place. For wind and rain purposes.


4. Vendors must park in assigned areas and you are responsible for unloading/loading your cars for set up/breakdown.


5. Outside events, may be located on concrete, asphalt, gravel or grass. The ground may be uneven.


6. Wi-Fi is not guaranteed, prepare to use your cellular service to process your sales.


7. No electricity is provided for outdoor events.


Carol’s Trunk Show is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items including vehicles during the shows.


Management reserves the right to change any and all of the above regulations without notice.


We wish you much success as you attend and showcase your products to the public.


Spaces are not reserved until all fees are paid, and you sign the vendor application. Signing the application means you agree to the rules stated.


** We ask that all vendors remain for the duration of the show, we understand that circumstances come up where you have to leave, please let management know. If you leave prior to the event end time, this may prevent you from returning back as a vendor. ****


Vendor rules may be modified by management.

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