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Let's collaborate!


Read below on reasons you should choose us for collaboration. 

1. BBB Accredited Business.

2. Meta Verified.

3. Selected twice in 2023 in the top percent as a rising Facebook Creator.

4. Over 10 years of marketing experience.

5. Associate degree in Computer Networking with a final g.p.a of 3.36

6. Nano Creator

7. 7 years as a traveling event planner which will allow you to gain exposure under our platform.

What our marketing can't guarantee:

1. Traffic sales to your platform.

2. Increase of revenue for your business.

Our marketing services will allow us to create a short video using a product or service you provide, and post it under our platform. 

Traveling Event Planner

I'm a traveling event planner hosting pop-up Craft Shows featuring local artists, vendors, and corporate business. We have hosted shows in 3 States.

Rising Creator * Digital Creator

Earned a spot in the top percent twice as a Facebook rising creator.

1. 5-22-2023 Top 3% of creators

2. 6-14-2023 Top 5% of creators.

Corporate Companies

Here's a brief description of the nationwide and corporate businesses that have set up during our Craft Shows. Telecommunications, local college university, restaurant, bakery, transportation, healthcare, and more.

Facebook Advertising

Post reach is over 9,000 views within a 28-day timeframe, as of October 2023.


We host food/clothing drives to giveaway items collected to help our local community in need. We do not solicit cash donations for these events.

Instagram Advertising

Nano creator with over 1,000 followers.

Helping local business gain exposure.

Cost per post for a short video reel $10.00

We are looking for corporate, small business owners, and vendors who are interested in gaining exposure under our platform.

All submissions may not be approved. 

We are looking for business owners that align with the shows we host in the community. 

Visit our prohibited items list

prohibited items 



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